15 January 2015Download (4.5 MB)

The KCRD has contributed to the recent Hivos-publication Social Innovation in Practice. The invitation to contribute to this edited volume, followed after the KCRD held a workshop on Worldviews, religion and development at the conference Open for Change (LINK) organised by Dutch humanist development organisation HIVOS. Innovation in Practice does not only discuss critical insights into innovation and change, but also provides suggestions for how to achieve these. The paper ‘How open are we really: exploring the fifty shades of grey in religion and sexuality’ by Brenda Bartelink (KCRD) investigates the dynamics in polarisations around religion and sexuality in African contexts. It provides suggestions on how to ensure a more open communication on sexuality, which means that people should not judge one another on how open and straightforward sexuality is discussed. Bartelink argues that we need to create a safe space in which values, ideals and emotions can be made part of the conversation.



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