Publications 2016

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Annotated bibliography on Religion and Development This publication focuses on practival consequences of emerging new insights concerning Religion and Development

Publications 2015

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Human rights, sexuality and religious leaders A mapping on sexuality, human rights and the role of religious leaders: exploring the potential for dialogue.

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Social innovation in practice Hivos-publication with a chapter by Brenda Bartelink: The Fifty Shades of Grey in Religion and Sexuality

Other publications 2013

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Islamic Finance: a sustainable alternative? Report written by Anne Marieke Schwencke for the Knowledge Centre on Islamic Finance. For this, she consulted many experts in the field of banking, monetary systems, islam, ethics and sustainability.

Other Publications 2012

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Faith and Development: a Mutual Challenge Keynote address for the Interfaith Conference Faith & Development, delivered at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague on 17th November, 2012 by Ton Groeneweg, KCRD/Mensen met een Missie
Religion and development cooperation in fragile states The complementarity of roles of Dutch NGOs and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Other publications 2011

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An Uncomfortable Instrument: The Weak Vilification of Religion in Development Discourse Ton Groeneweg (Mensen met een Missie, KCRD member) held a lecture on the Weak Vilification of Religion in Development Discourse, on the conference Religions and their Despisers, organised by the Dutch Society of Religious Studies on November 4-5 2011.
The Roles of Faith‐Based Educational Institutions in Conflict Transformation in Fragile States This research report addresses the roles and responsibilities of faith‐based educational institutions (FBEIs) in processes of conflict transformation in fragile states.
Religion and Development in Fragile States, overview This report (in Dutch) shows the results of the policy dialogue on religion in fragile states, including the preparatory trajectory and the follow-up.
Religion and Development. Practitioners' Guide This book (in English) is a practitioners' guide centring on practical experiences of development professionals, supplemented by theoretical considerations.
Religie en Ontwikkeling. Handreikingen voor de praktijk This book (in Dutch) is a practitioners’ guide centring on practical experiences of development professionals, supplemented by theoretical considerations.
Paper Religie, politiek en ontwikkeling (ir. David Renkema, 8 February 2011) The Knowledge Centre published a policy paper (in Dutch) in order to examine the political consequences of the vision of the Scientific Council of Government Policy (WRR) on the role of religion within development cooperation.

Conference 2010: 'Light Development' (April 15, 2010)

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Conference report 'Transforming sustainable development' (drs. Mariske Westendorp, 2010) This report gives an outline of the exploration of the Light Development concept in 2010. It explains the meaning of Light Development and examines the concept in a practical and theoretical manner.

Other publications 2010

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Paper 'Proselytism and conversion zeal' (drs. Esther Dwarswaard, July 2010) This paper examines the way Western development workers are confronted with proselytism or the accusations of conversion.
Paper 'Religie in meervoud' (dr. John Veldman, Summer 2010) This paper (in Dutch) forms the theological background of John Veldman's research into Catholic development cooperation.

Conference 2009 (in Dutch): 'Social trust' (May 14 and June 18, 2009)

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Conference report 'Sociaal vertrouwen. Immateriële waarde binnen ontwikkelingssamenwerking.' The Knowledge Centre Religion and Development organised in 2009 two symposia about social trust, related to development work. At both symposia, the importance of trust within companies and between companies and their partners was stressed.

Other publications 2009

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Article 'Religie als instrument' (ir. David L. Renkema, May 2009) In the Dutch magazine "Religie en Samenleving", an article was published on 'Religion as an instrument for development cooperation' (in Dutch)

Conference 2008: 'Religion, conflict and development in fragile states' (November 20, 2008)

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Conference report 'Religion, conflict and development in fragile states' (dr. Welmoet Boender, 2009) The KCRD and IKV Pax Christi organised a conference called 'Religion, conflict, and development in fragile states'. This conference report presents a summary and analysis of the discussions.
Background paper 'Religion in fragile states. Which side up? Handle with care!' (dr. Welmoet Boender, November 2008) Background paper to the conference, in which the role or religion in fragile states and the consequences for development aid are being discussed.

Conference 2008 (in Dutch): 'Globalisation and development' (September 26, 2008)

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Summary of the discussions (September 2008) This report shortly summarizes the outcomes of the conference.
Keynote speech (René Grotenhuis) This keynote speech (in Dutch) marked the beginning of the conference. In his speech, René Grotenhuis declared his disappointment concerning the SER-publication.
Background paper 'Globalisering en ontwikkeling. De rol en betekenis van religie' (ir. David L. Renkema, September 2008) In this background report (in Dutch), the KCRD discusses the way the SER handles the notions of welfare and sustainable development, and visions behind these.

Conference 2007: 'Transforming development' (October 15-17, 2007)

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Conference report 'Transformando el desarrollo. Explorando enfoques al desarrollo desde diferentes perspectivas religiosas' (dr. Louke van Wensveen, April 2008) This report presents an analysis and process narrative of the conference 'Transforming development. Exploring approaches to development from religious perspectives'.
Conference report 'Transformer le développement. Envisager le développement depuis diverses perspectives religieuses' (Dr. Louke van Wensveen, april 2008)
Conference report 'Transforming development. Exploring approaches to development from religious perspectives' (dr. Louke van Wensveen, April 2008)

Handout 2008: 'Religion and development policy' (February 2008)

  Title / Description
Chapter 0 Frontpage & Index
Chapter 1 Introduction There are many ways in which development cooperation and religion can actually work together and exchange ideas in hope of a better world.
Chapter 2 Religion and development policy Religious faith manifests itself in the public domain all over the world, especially in developing countries, where daily life is interwoven with religious belief and vice versa.
Chapter 3 Religion and education Education is widely recognised as a fundamental human right and as the key to sustainabledevelopment, peace and stability within and between countries.
Chapter 4 Religion and HIV/Aids AIDS affects every region and every country of the world,challenging health systems and undermining our capacity to reduce poverty, promotedevelopment and maintain national security.
Chapter 5 Religion and conflict The main question here is how religious organisations
Chapter 6 Religion and ecological sustainability & Colofon Given the widespread influenceof religions in the modern world, their significance for environmental sustainability canhardly be overrated.

Other publications 2008

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Article 'Islamitische hulporganisaties kampen met vooroordelen' (dr. Welmoet Boender, February 2008) In this article (in Dutch), the prejudices against Islamic development organisations are being discussed.

Conference 2007: 'Transforming development' (15-17 October 2007)

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Lecture 'The Muslim perspective' (dr. Siti Musdah Mulia, 17 October 2007) Dr. Mulia tries to disclose various experiences and work in the field ofeducation and advocacy that she has been engaged in so far in democracy and community developmentcampaigns.
Lecture 'The Hindu perspective' (dr. Chander Khanna, 16 October 2007) Dr. Khanna has selected four areas where the Hindu Faithprovides an insight into the causes of extreme poverty and offers practical solutions from theSpiritual perspective.
Lecture 'The Christian perspective' (dr. Philomena Mwaura, 15 October 2007) Dr. Mwaura explores the concept of development in Christianity focusing on how the newerexpressions of Christianity in Africa perceive development and the activities they engage in toachieve it.

Articles 2007 (in Dutch): 'Modernity and development'

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Article 'Hindoeïsering van de moderniteit (drs. Esther Dwarswaard, April 2007) How does Hinduism deal with modernity? Is modernity seen as threat, or as a change for progress and improvement?
Article 'Moderniteit en islam' (ir. David Renkema, April 2007) Many Islamic countries have to deal with poverty and internal conflicts. Looking at these countries, one might say that Islam is an obstruction to modernity, development and democracy. 'Islam and modernity' could be seen as a 'contradictio in terminus'.
Article 'Religieuze moderniteiten. Uitdaging voor ontwikkelingssamenwerking' (dr. Welmoet Boender, April 2007) Is there just one (secular) modernity? Or are there other forms of modernity, such as Christian modernity, Islamic modernity and Hinduistic modernity? What does this mean for the Dutch development sector?

Conference 2005: 'Religion, a source for human rights and development cooperation' (5-8 September 2005)

  Title / Description
Conference report 'Religion. A source for human rights and development cooperation' (April 2006) This reader shows the way in which people and organizations, especially of non-western origin, find the inspiration for their day-to-day activities in their religion and spirituality.


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