Towards a broader (research) agenda for religion and development

16 December 2015

We are delighted to see new initiatives being taken to address religion in relation to development in various European countries including Germany, the UK, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. After a decade of work on the theme of religion and development, we are keen on sharing our insights and reflections on bringing this agenda further.

Together with its partner the Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain at the University of Groningen, the Knowledge Centre Religion and Development has outlined an agenda for research collaboration. Inspired by the joint research project together with World Vision, the CRCPD’s Erin Wilson and KCRD’s Brenda Bartelink wrote a first blog post entitled The spiritual is political This blog reflects on the outcomes of a research project on improving maternal and child health in Zimbabwe. It raises the question on how leadership, and religious leadership in particular, is understood in relation to gender binaries. In a second, related blog post entitled Towards a broader research agenda KCRD and the CRCPD outline 13 suggestions for further collaboration and research between policymakers, civil society organisations and academics around religion and development. 



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