Relevant links for the Knowledge Centre Religion and Development:

  • Religion and Development Research Programme
    University of Birmingham, UK 
    An international research partnership exploring the relationships between several major world religions, development in low-income countries and poverty reduction.

  • Danish Institute for International Studies
    The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) is an independent research institution engaged in research in international affairs. The institute draws up reports and analyses and follows developments in international affairs continuously in order to assess the security and foreign policy situation of Denmark, e.g. aspects of relevance with regard to development policy.

  • Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs
    Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
    Katherine Marshall, an expert on questions of religion, ethics, and development with many years of leadership experience at the World Bank, is a Senior Fellow and Visiting Professor at the Center. The website contains a Religion and Development Database which allows users to compare and contrast key scriptural passages across five religious traditions and five themes.

  • The Yale forum on Religion and Ecology
    FORE's website contains enormous detail on the religious traditions of the world and their ecological contributions, including introductory essays, annotated bibliographies, selections from sacred texts, environmental statements from religious communities, and projects of religious grassroots environmental movements. To facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue, the site also addresses environmental issues related to ethics, economics, policy, gender, and evolutionary and ecological sciences.

  • Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics, World Bank
    The Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics - is a small unit at The World Bank whose purpose is to contribute to analytical work, capacity development and dialogue on issues related to values and ethics.

  • Intrac

    Intrac specially designs training, consultancy and research services to organisations involved in international development and relief. It aims to improve civil society performance by strengthening management and organisational effectiveness, and by exploring policy issues.


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